The 100+ Most Affordable Online MBA Programs – 2019 update

You can find many regionally accredited online MBA programs, and many of these programs are real bargains. The majority of these programs is offered by Midwestern and Southern Public Universities. This post lists the 100+ most affordable Online MBA Programs – 2019 update. The following video is not about the cheapest but the BEST 2019 MBA programs. Sit back and enjoy the video before you come back to our most affordable list:

Internet developments have made it possible that these universities offer their MBA programs online to an audience outside their traditional service regions. Many students change to working part-time while studying towards their MBA degree.

Most brick and mortar universities are regionally accredited. All educational institutions listed here offer very affordable online MBA programs that will set you back less than $25,000. Please note that additional fees may apply.

As prices can and will change we advise you to check with the schools for actualities.
All listed costs are base programs costs for 2019/20 and tuition fees for state residents (in-state).


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Women and the MBA: A Perfect Match

Women from all kinds of backgrounds are finding that the MBA or another graduate business degree is a great way to achieve their career and personal objectives. In fact, roughly 40% of GMAT test-takers are women. But graduate business schools would still like to get more applications from qualified female applicants.

When we talk to admissions officers, they tell us that some female applicants have ideas about the MBA degree that may not be true and that even worse, these misconceptions may prevent women from applying to business schools that would be delighted to accept them.

Take a look at some of these “myths” below, and see if any of them are keeping you from taking the next step toward business school.

Myth: An MBA is really best suited for those who want to work for a big company.
Reality: An MBA can help you to be successful in almost any organization.

Although there are many successful executives in large corporations who have MBA’s, there are also MBA’s working in nonprofits, health-care organizations, higher education, arts management, the military, and government. Some people get an MBA in order to start their own businesses or manage a small family business. Thirty-eight percent of the graduating MBA class of 2016, surveyed just prior to graduation, said they planned to work in organizations with fewer than 1,000 employees.


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The FSU MBA Program – With and Without GMAT

Florida State’s College of Business offers various options to earn the highly respected MBA degree. The school offers an MBA program that includes fundamental courses to strengthen students’ managerial skills in a wide range of fields, from marketing and accounting to strategy and marketing.

After completing fundamental courses, students can round out their degree with courses that lead to a concentration in a certain field of business. The program includes also an overseas ‘global business seminar’ which will stimulate business perspectives from an international perspective.

Students can choose from these options:

  • Accelerated Full-time MBA
  • Evening Part-time MBA
  • Online Part-time MBA
  • Online Part-time MBA with Concentration in Real Estate
  • MBA Joint Degree with Law
  • MBA Joint Degree with Social Work


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Online MBA Programs vs. Traditional MBA Program – Overview

There are several ways to get an MBA degree: the traditional full-time on-campus MBA, the online MBA, the part-time MBA, and the hybrid MBA programs.

Traditional MBA programs have always been superior when it comes to choice because they were more favored by students and employers. But with the growing hype of the internet market, universities have joined the bandwagon in offering courses online. This has raised many eyebrows as question arise if they can provide an equal level of education compared to the traditional approach.

But as the online MBA degree has proved a potential option, many are convinced of its competence. And regardless of whether a student graduates from a traditional or an online program, they are exposed to the same job opportunities in the future.

  • Flexibility and convenience

Campus-based programs are not very flexible in terms of scheduling classes unlike taking the course online. Flexibility and convenience are two major advantages of online MBA. You can schedule your classes according to your own pace and time, in the comfort of your own home or workplace. This is especially helpful for people who are working. It doesn’t disrupt your work or family time. You don’t have to take leave from work or relocate to attend your MBA program.


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Christian Online MBA Programs

Christian MBA Programs – Ethics and Faith in MBA

Take also a look at this video about the bet Cristian Colleges around the world:

There are many people who would like to pursue an MBA via the internet at a school where business and career are combined with morality and ethics. Good business practice combined with high moral and ethical standards can be found in some Christian online MBA programs, where different perspectives are being offered for those looking for a different kind of business college degree. Of the hundreds of Internet-based MBA programs available, you will find no programs quite as different as those provided by Christian Universities.

These Christian Universities provide a completely different perception than their non-religious counterparts. You will find quite a few advantages of a web-based MBA program from a Christian university, and finding a program seriously isn’t as difficult as you might think. Christian MBA programs give a more intense glance into the fields of ethics, integrity, and the best way to combine moral leadership capabilities with economic insights to improve an organization. This is true as well for their online programs.


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Online MBA No GMAT Programs – In Every State

Listed on this page are colleges and universities that offer online MBA programs that don’t require the GMAT. Low scores on the GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test) or GRE (Graduate Record Exam) can really be bad for many senior business professionals who would like to go for an MBA degree.

The good thing, on the other hand, is that nowadays we can find a growing number of excellent Business Schools that offer accredited online MBA programs and do not require the GMAT or the GRE. In this post, you can find well-known and accredited educational institutions that provide online MBA programs.

Within the United States, regional accreditation has always been the most common kind of accreditation, and a few of the listed schools are nationally accredited as well. At some schools listed here, the GMAT requirement may be waived in specific circumstances, other schools don’t require the GMAT at all anymore.

Most of the following schools require substantial relevant professional experience and/or at least a 3 GPA. Please contact the listed schools for further information. Check out these school by state here:


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Affordable MBA Programs in Alabama

Here you can discover some accredited and very reasonably-priced MBA programs in Alabama. The MBA degree is one of the most sought-after credentials and is the perfect stepping-stone to becoming successful in the world of corporate business.

Of course, achieving an MBA demands investing quite some time and money on your behalf, but obtaining the degree from an accredited school or program will put you in a financial position that makes it easy to repay. On this page, you can take a closer look at these amazing programs presented by respected schools.

The University of North Alabama-Florence
1 Harrison Plaza
N Pine Street
Florence, AL 35632
Phone: 256-765-4262/4103/4154
An MBA degree from the University of North Alabama is a great help for you to be in command of your professional future, and will provide you with the tools to become a respected contributor to your community. If you enroll in this MBA program you clearly show your commitment to investing in yourself for your own personal well-being and for the world around you.


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Affordable MBA Program in Alaska

On this page, we take a look at an interesting online MBA program offered by the University of Alaska – Fairbanks. The school’s reputation is undisputed and this program will certainly accelerate your career. 

In Alaska, healthcare is the largest industry. Hospitals, ambulatory services, rehabilitation, disability assistance, elderly care, mental healthcare are among the 25 biggest employment sectors. All these fields require MBAs for managing their administration and make sure all operations are in line with legal and ethical standards.

Alaska has 10 ten postsecondary educational institutions and three of these are offering an online MBA program. Specializations in multiple fields are possible so students can get very well prepared for top positions in Alaska’s industries.

Alaska has many sectors in which MBA graduates can find perfectly suited employment to reach goals and live up to their aspirations. Tourism is a major industry and employer and the food industry has grown by more than 70 percent over the last two decades. In that same period, traveler accommodations have grown by more than 50 percent and the recreation and amusement industry put even more growth in the books. All of these sectors require top management and consulting specialists meaning there’s a growing need for MBA graduates.


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Affordable MBA Programs in Arizona

Arizona’s economy is growing fast, faster than the average in the U.S. Most of this growth has come from the healthcare, business, finance, manufacturing, and services industries. This post lists a few very affordable online MBA programs in Arizona that are offered by the best-reputed educational institutions.

MBA degree holders face sunny futures as their professional options grow and expand simultaneously with Arizona’s economy. Companies require well-educated top management to oversee their operations and professional teams so MBAs can expect to make wages that are actually above-average. The average Arizona income is just under $50K but top-management professionals may expect to earn more than double that number.

There are almost 40 institutions of higher learning in Arizona that grant four-year and graduate academic degrees. In the Grand Canyon State, there are 12 not-for-profit private colleges, 18 for-profit schools, and 9 public universities and public and not-for-profit institutions expanded their online course offerings immensely over the past decade. Arizona State University, for example, registered more online students in the past year than any school in America and there are more Arizona schools that are ranking high when it comes to online enrollees.


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Affordable MBA Programs in California

Listed in this article are some remarkable MBA programs in California. All these programs offer quality education provided by well-respected schools at reasonable rates.

In the state of California, we can find numerous online MBA programs. It seems they have taken the state’s coast by storm. These programs are developed to provide working professionals with the opportunity to earn an MBA with fewer trips to campus. Most MBA programs require applicants to have a good GMAT score. Take a closer look at these schools:

William Howard Taft University W. Edwards Deming School of Business
3700 S Susan Street, Suite 200
Santa Ana, CA 92704
Phone: 714-850-4800
William Howard Taft University offers four online DETC-accredited MBA programs: the basic General MBA program benefits those in executive and managerial positions and those who are providing consulting services to enterprises. General MBA is 36 units (at $495 per unit). The MBA in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (56 units) is for those interested in starting or purchasing a small business. The MBA in Professional Practice Management (36 units) provides students with a foundation of knowledge required for successful management of professional practices in Accounting and Law.


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